Preparing milk oolong tea can be a piece of art. For some tea enthusiasts, adding milk to loose leaf teas is simply not done! Some purists feel that it disrupts the tea’s natural flavor and the unique taste is ruined.

Of course, some people think tea is just not complete without the addition of milk. Many people in Britain drink milk oolong tea every afternoon, a tradition that has lasted hundreds of years.

The Mongolians also love to enjoy the delightful taste of tea, thickening their brew with butter. As a tea lover, of course, you can choose a daily ritual that suits your own personal taste. Here are some suggestions if you like the idea of milk in your tea:

Best Teas for Milk Oolong

Not every tea is a suitable partner for milk. If added to oolong tea, you are in for a strange combination and possibly an unpalatable brew. But some oolong teas have a reputation for being the best tasting variety for mixing with milk.

The maharaja chai by Teavana is one of my recommended choices to prepare your milk oolong tea. The two complement one another and result in an uplifting flavor that adds a delicious complexity to the experience.

Oolong maharaja chai tea

Product: Maharaja Chai by Teavana.

Indeed, nothing soothes the soul quite like a warm cup of Maharaja chai tea flavored with a splash of milk. English breakfast varieties are also a tasty choice if you are in the mood for a relaxing cuppa.

Delicate teas such as green and white, are prone to becoming overpowered by the flavor of dairy. Milk neutralizes the tea’s tannin, lowering its acidity level. This makes it difficult to ascertain the tea’s distinctive taste. If you desire a hint of dairy in your green or white tea, you can always try matcha powder blended with evaporated and/or steamed milk as an alternative.

Milk Oolong Tea Preparation

Most serious tea fans agree that adding the milk directly into the cup of tea is a big no-no. So instead, try cooking with it. This allows the very essence of the tea to infuse into the milk. Some aficionados gently roast their tea in a pan over a low flame while slowly adding milk at regular intervals.

Milk Oolong Tea: How to Make

It is very important not to boil the tea. Instead, let it simmer ever so gently. High temperatures will cause the milk to overpower the natural redolence of the tea.

Another method is to brew the tea in a teapot. Then, allow it a few minutes to rest and cool off. Then, add your milk very slowly in small splashes. This stops the tea from becoming overly diluted.

Choosing the Right Milk

It is a relatively simple process to find the appropriate milk for your tea. The lighter and more delicate the tea, the lighter the milk should be. Bold black teas can be served with whole milk. A matcha tea mingles well with lightly steamed or evaporated one.

If you choose wisely, milk tea is an excellent way to enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea. Have fun experimenting and finding the best combination for your palate.